Film Review- Boyhood

  Richard Linklater is a well-regarded director within committed movie circles. He has made some fantastic indie films that leave quite the impression-¬†Daze & Confused,¬†Bernie ,¬†Waking Life,¬†A Scanner Darkly, School of Rock¬†among others so there was quite the buzz when news was gathered that the Texas director over twelve years so that the cast could […]

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Film Review- Birdman

People vested in the arts enjoy opportunities to call fictional writing, ‘meta’ if it is properly sufficient on their self-referential scale. On some occasions,¬†it is a contrived effort but other times fully applicable. Alejandro I√Ī√†rritu¬īs auteur brainchild accomplishes so much in its run time and there is plenty of adulation to spread around, a collective […]

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NBA- The Road To The Playoffs

Creeping up on the NBA All Star Break teams are more familiar with the chemistry of new teammates and acquired philosophies. Once again, the Western Conference looks stacked and surprisingly, the Eastern Conference is finally starting to deliver on the previous offseasons of hype regarding their collective prowess. There are some surprises this season but […]

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Media- Modern Folk Music

Anybody who truly knows me is aware how great an impact music plays in life. I don’t necessarily have a favorite kind although personal listening tends to gravitate towards soul, hip-hop/ rap and folk-acoustic. Here are a few contemporary folk songs that are excellent and have enjoyed for as long as I have known about […]

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